Our Companies

We own and operate nine community-based clinics across four provinces where our team of health professionals work together.

Pathway Health Services

Pathway Health is one of the largest providers of out-of-hospital pain management services in Canada. The Company owns and operates 9 community-based clinics across 4 provinces where its team of health professionals work together to help patients through a variety of evidence-based approaches. 

Pathway Health’s patient care programs utilize an interdisciplinary approach that is guided by trained pain specialists, physical and occupational therapists, nurses, and other healthcare providers. Pathway Health has also developed an expertise in harm reduction where medicinal cannabis is being used as an alternative to traditional opioids.

Pathway Health Products

Pathway Health Corp. has entered into a strategic partnership with Geocann that will bring VESIsorb® formulated products to the forefront of the rapidly evolving medical cannabis programs of leading Canadian pharmacies.  Geocann has the exclusive global rights to the patented VESIsorb® drug delivery technology for cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoid formulations. The technology has been successfully applied to a wide range of medical cannabis product applications, including soft gel and hard-shell capsules, functional foods and beverages, powder systems, tinctures, sublingual sprays, and topically applied formulations. 

Pathway Health Innovations

Pathway Health Innovations is investing in the development of its proprietary My Path™ platform to support its business objectives. The My Path™ platform connects with and orchestrates several microservices and 3rd party platforms. It provides patients and our clinic team tools for tracking a variety of biomarkers and other health related information, actionable insights driven by AI and big data, as well as rewards for participating in studies. These and other innovations make the My Path™ platform a key component of a scalable model for implementing thousands of pharmacies across Canada as well as supporting our diverse and extensive patient base and clinic network.