TORONTO, ON, December 17, 2021 – Pathway Health Corp. (TSXV: PHC) (Frankfurt: KL1) (formerly Colson Capital Corp.) (“Pathway” or the “Company”), an integrated healthcare company that provides products and services to patients suffering from chronic pain and related conditions, is pleased to announce that the Company’s shares have been accepted for listing on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (“FSE”) and commenced trading on December 17, 2021 under the symbol “KL1”.

“Listing on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange will provide Pathway Health with direct access to the European capital markets and an opportunity for the company to increase trading liquidity and facilitate investment by expanding our shareholder base,” said Ken Yoon, CEO of Pathway Health.

About The Frankfurt Stock Exchange
The Frankfurt Stock Exchange is one of the world’s largest trading centers for securities. With a share turnover of around 90 per cent, it is the largest of Germany’s seven stock exchanges and it is an international trading center, which is reflected in the structure of its participants. Of the approximately 200 market participants, roughly 50 per cent are from countries other than Germany. The FSE facilitates advanced electronic trading, settlement, and information systems, allowing it to meet the growing requirements of cross-border trading.