Collaboration Agreement on Pathway Health’s Medical Cannabis Management System in Pharmacy to include the Metro Pharmacy and Food Basics Pharmacy banners of Metro Ontario Pharmacies Limited.

TORONTO, ON. – December 7, 2021 – Pathway Health, Corp. (“Pathway” or the “Company”) [TSX-V: PHC] is pleased to announce that it has signed a Collaboration Agreement (the “Agreement”) with Metro Ontario Pharmacies Limited (“Metro Ontario Pharmacies”), a subsidiary of Metro Inc. [TSX: MRU], pertaining to the implementation of Pathway’s Medical Cannabis Management System (“MCMS”) in Metro Ontario Pharmacies’ Metro Pharmacy and Food Basics Pharmacy bannered pharmacies across Ontario.

The joint initiative has two components, the first consisting of Pathway providing its accredited continuing education course “Cannabis and Patient Care for Pharmacists” which trains pharmacists in patient assessments and current prescription reviews for contraindications. The course meets or exceeds the requirements of the Canadian Council on Continuing Education in Pharmacy (“CCCEP”) and the Ontario College of Pharmacists as well as being approved for all other Provinces and in a bi-lingual format. The second initiative involves the implementation of Pathway’s MCMS in Metro Ontario Pharmacies’ pharmacy locations across Ontario.

Pathway’s MCMS was designed to be implemented in retail pharmacies, with the overarching goals of providing access points for medical cannabis care and enabling pharmacists to offer medical cannabis assessments to appropriate pharmacy patients. Under the MCMS, patients are then connected to the patient’s own General Practitioner or a Pathway physician/nurse practitioner for further evaluation through physical or virtual care. The MCMS has also been designed to be integrated into a formal medication review for the pharmacist. The MCMS offers patient assessment tools for the pharmacist including consent forms, marketing material, back-end patient communication, standard operating procedures, and additional continuing education opportunities. Intellectual property rights around the branding and naming of the MCMS are owned by Pathway.

“We’re very pleased to have the opportunity of working with Metro Ontario Pharmacies as they roll out the MCMS program across their pharmacy locations in Ontario. With the signing of this agreement, Pathway Health currently has agreements with more than 2,000 pharmacy locations across Canada where we are assisting pharmacists and pharmacy staff with education and training on medical cannabis, and also by providing access to care for those pharmacy patients that are determined to be good candidates for medical cannabis,” stated Ken Yoon, CEO of Pathway Health.