Pathway Health Services

Pathway Health Services

Pathway Health is one of the largest providers of out-of-hospital pain management services in Canada. The Company owns and operates 9 community-based clinics across 4 provinces where its team of health professionals work together to help patients through a variety of evidence-based approaches.

Pathway Health’s patient care programs utilize an interdisciplinary approach that is guided by trained pain specialists, physical and occupational therapists, nurses, and other healthcare providers. Pathway Health has also developed an expertise in harm reduction where medicinal cannabis is being used as an alternative to traditional opioids.

Founded in 2015, TCN offers multidisciplinary therapies for patients that suffer from chronic pain, rheumatoid conditions, Crohn’s, IBS, Fibromyalgia, HIV, Insomnia and related disease states.

Located in Toronto, Silver Pain Centre’s team of pain management physicians and healthcare providers are focused on the diagnosis and interdisciplinary management of chronic pain.

With six clinics servicing Montreal and the surrounding area, Slawner Ortho has a sterling reputation in Orthotics, Prosthetics, and Home Healthcare.

Through it's team of qualified doctors and nurses, Nature Médic's has provided access to therapeutic cannabis treatments for over 2,000 patients in the Quebec region.

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